TREB Land Transfer Tax Calculator (not including first time buyer refunds)
CMHC Debt Service Calculator
A tool that allows homebuyers to evaluate their financial situation and understand how much they can comfortably afford to spend on a mortgage.
CMHC Premium Calculator
A tool to help you estimate the premium payable when you are purchasing a home. Simply enter the purchase price, down payment and the amortization period.
CMHC Household Budget Calculator
Compare your income with your current or planned expenses and debt payments and see what you can afford.
CMHC Mortgage Payment Calculator
A tool to find how much and how often your payment will be. Compare options and find one that’s right for you.
CMHC Mortgage Affordability Calculator
Easy to use mortgage tool to help you estimate the maximum mortgage you can afford.

Home buyers are urged to get a second opinion, these links are considered to be useful and accurate but from time to time may be out of date or even incorrect.

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